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Who we are

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Albin International has extensive experience in arranging repatriations worldwide and is conveniently situated close to the vast majority of foreign consulates and Embassies in London.

With a team of extremely experienced and multi-lingual staff, we can assist with repatriations to and from any country around the globe. We realise that arranging a repatriation can be particularly traumatic, given that in addition to the grief of losing a loved one there is also the concern of having to arrange travel to another country with the associated complication of the necessary documentation and permits.

Our staff are fully familiar with these procedures and will...

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What can we offer

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Albin International can provide help to families following the tragic loss of a loved one overseas.

Albin International can assist corporations, Insurance and Assistance companies with the worldwide repatriation of employees and clients.

Albin International can provide a comprehensive service...

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